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Never, EVER, publicly embarrass your girlfriend...

ESPECIALLY if she is Taylor Freaking Swift.

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 58. Yay, I guess; I won $50 betting with my brain rather than my heart. But there were a couple of red flags amidst the sea of red jerseys, and they weren't coaches' challenges. This happened early in the game, when the Chiefs weren't doing very well--

I'm old enough to remember when doing this to your coach before

100+ million viewers would've ended one's career.

Swifties everywhere were understandably concerned about their beloved idol paired up with someone that size with such an explosive temper. But this little dust-up was just water under the bridge to the man and his coach after Kelce had a great second half that helped the Chiefs roar back to a dramatic victory.

But then this transpired at the victory celebration a few days later--

Worth noting-- the son of KC Head Coach Andy Reid is currently in prison for a DWI crash that

put a 5-year-old girl in a coma for ten days. Let's hope Kelce got a ride home after this.

Now, none of us here around Danny's Table would deny a hard-working tight end a beer or two after his shift. But for the love of all that is holy, a boyfriend of Taylor Freaking Swift (we have a statistically significant sample size) should know better than to appear in public like this... especially in those shorts and what looks like a pro wrestling championship belt.

We have no compunctions about discussing the personal lives of Travis & Taylor here because if this couple actually gave a crap about privacy, they wouldn't have allowed (or maybe arranged) their nascent romance to go mega-viral. And so like the rest of humanity we're paying attention... and we hereby go on record with a prediction--

By the beginning of next season, Tay-tay will have moved on, and Travis will be the subject of a song.

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