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Though not all-inclusive, here's an ever-growing collection of fan-favorite essays all in one place, organized by topic--




Before the Internet, looking stuff up was actual work.


Recipes, history, sourcing, and more.

BEGGAR'S BANQUET, 1968... looks a lot like one of young DannyM.'s dinner parties.

History, recipes, and more. Yes, you CAN eat oysters year-round.

POTATO HEAVEN (03/02/22)

Potato Casserole with Gruyère, garlic, & cream... oh, my!

Fancy dinners can be better AND cheaper at home.

Like the subtle thump of a rock’n’roll bass line, onions put the soul in soul food, the rave in the gravy, and the comfort in comfort food.

Chef Alfredo Himself

Wherein a dish created for an anemic new mom became an exalted culinary classic.

A dear friend asked me to work up a small handful of recipes worth mastering.

"Mind if I ask you a few questions?" DannyM. channels his inner Lt. Columbo to solve a mystery.

The age-old recipe for homemade crème fraîche suddenly stopped working, and DannyM. wanted to know why.

The price of top-quality beef is becoming prohibitive... what can replace a great steak?

(MUCH more to come.)


Grapes-as-people, my local region, & more.

Heaven on Earth-- a Finger Lakes Region autumn sunset.

Buy high-quality (and French-inspired) American bubbly and save big bucks.

A "one that got away" tale intertwined with the history of Merlot.

To me, buying wine at 67% off beats paying full price and being too rich to care.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Pinot Noir-- brothers equally gifted, but with VERY different styles.

Arguably the two greatest red varieties, and they couldn't be much more different.

Chardonnay, Riesling, & Sauvignon Blanc... three sharply distinct sisters.

The Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier

Longer & cooler ripening weather than Napa creates wines way too good to ignore.

THE PROM DRESS, by Norman Rockwell--

A Gewürztraminer girl goes on a date.

A wine worth taking seriously... in spite of itself.

Eagles Felder & Walsh welcoming us to the Hotel California;

their guitars deliciously blending like... Cabernet Franc & Merlot.

Buying and tasting the œnological equivalent of HOTEL CALIFORNIA.

And a REGION now worth taking seriously.

(MUCH More to come.)


How to buy great stuff cheap, new OR used.

The "Running of the Brides," Filene's Basement, Boston.

SHOP LIKE A PRO (04/04/22)

Restaurant Depot... go big or go home.

Sometimes "pre-owned" is cheaper AND better than new.

Buying wine at 67% off trumps paying full price because you're too rich to care.

The blood sport of neighborhood bargain hunting.

How to get the best possible price on your next ride.

(MUCH More to come.)


The king of home cookery; important enough for its own category.

Through research and multiple trials, we cracked the code.

Relax, folks... it's enough for 6-8 family feasts with 6 or more guests each.

And then we made it even better.

A belated birthday dinner borrows a menu from classic cinema.


"America's Biggest Unofficial Holiday" requires special food and coverage.

Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Hank Stram, Super Bowl IV Winner

What if PBS were to air the Super Bowl? We predict hilarity... and a healthier menu.

Game ON! Food & drink suggestions, and more.

Chili, guacamole, & more!

(MUCH More to come.)


DannyM.'s favorite exercise machine EVER.

(Yes, it can.)

Commercial barbecue sauce that's actually worth buying.

Whoever said, "They don't make'em like they used to!" was guilty of understatement.

When one door closes, does another open? Sometimes.


Political debate is not allowed at Danny's Table, but we occasionally mansplain the nuts & bolts of government.

Sadly, most people treat politics like high school basketball.

The Cleverest Negotiating Trick in the History of the World.

(MUCH More to come.)


Wherein DannyM. puts the "Grumpy" in "Grumpy Old Mansplainer."

Perfectly good (or even GREAT) products regularly disappear from the store shelves, replaced by crap.

When you think about it, our current system makes the best sense.

Guest poet DavidF. waxes poetic on a topic well familiar to Rochesterians.

Because cars and babies don't come with instructions.

He's baaaack... and he's still brilliant.

(MUCH More to come.)

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