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The Cayuga Lounge

Updated: Mar 22

Born in a short story, the fictitious CAYUGA LOUNGE

is the embodiment of "retro-cuisine" from the

era of Julia Child's cooking show and

avocado-colored kitchen appliances.

THE CA-LO SIGN (04/06/22)

One of DannyM.'s rare forays into fiction, here is a twisty short story (with a mini-screenplay thrown in) set in upstate New York's Finger Lakes region.

The tale of one of the more significant Cayuga Lounge employees.

An Old-World take on Clams Casino.


In amongst all the history and lore sits a fantastic, old-school oyster recipe.

POTATO HEAVEN (03/02/22)

Pommes de Terre au Dauphinoise... a.k.a. Scalloped potatoes w/ cream, gruyére, & garlic.

Nobody serves potatoes like this anymore... but you can make this at home.

My mother-in-law is a fantastic cook. This is her recipe.

A decadently rich preparation of sea scallops.

Amandine? Almondine? It's delicious whatever one calls it.

(MUCH more to come.)

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