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Updated: Jan 30

Taylor Swift won't be the only

superstar girlfriend at Super Bowl LVIII.

Who among us hasn't heard all about TIME's 2023 Person of the Year Taylor Swift and her nascent romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce? Whether one thinks it real or contrived, heartwarming or nauseating, it's been rather hard to miss. And yet, now that we know that Kelce's Chiefs will be facing the San Fransisco 49ers on February 11 in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII, we must recognize Tay-Tay's worthy competition:

49ers superstar running back Christian McCaffrey is engaged to the model, actress, influencer, classical cellist, Rhode Island native, and 2012 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. We here at DANNY'S TABLE might be ahead of the curve on this one... it's only 5:00AM on the morning after the NFL's Conference Finals, after all. But I am confident that the mainstream press-- ever desperate for Super Bowl story lines-- will soon stumble upon this story and play it to the hilt.

Before they do, here's our quick take:

Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey are each established gridiron superstars and integral parts of their respective offenses. Both contributed mightily to getting their teams to the Big Game, and both are poised to play a key role in winning it.

Taylor Swift and Olivia Culpo are each hard-working, multi-talented women who have earned every bit of their mega-success. Both are positive and inspirational role models for young girls, and both acknowledge the value of coming from a strong and supportive family.

It is easy and tempting for envious or mean-spirited people to find fault with rich and famous couples. Me? I'm happy for all four of them, and I think that once this story line breaks out, it will attract even more Super Bowl viewers. Hell, I'd love to see them all do a commercial together.

Much, much more to come about Super Bowl VLIII.

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