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Wine Country

The Cayuga Lounge

Where it's always 1971!
Cocktails -- Dinner -- Live Music
Ca-Lo Sign WEB.png
The CAYUGA LOUNGE is a legendary Finger Lakes restaurant… so legendary, in fact, that it exists only in cyberspace, born as a work of fiction within a work of fiction (the mini-screenplay within “THE CA-LO SIGN.”)
Every great restaurant– real or imagined, as it were– has a theme, a guiding set of principles that define its menu, energize its kitchen, and express themselves on every plate. The CAYUGA LOUNGE operates under a simple motto–

“Eating Well is LIVING Well.”
Like music and clothes, popular dishes eventually go out of style… often for reasons unrelated to quality. In many cases, this urge for constant renewal leaves us with a gold mine of forgotten dishes that just need a little dusting off and updating. THE CAYUGA LOUNGE COOKBOOK celebrates the creativity and brilliance of a more innocent era, providing recipes for soothing comfort food just when we need it more than ever.
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